Sunday, February 12, 2006

Jerome Soneson and Gordon Kaufman

I was reading this interview of Justin Taylor on Adrian Warnock's blog and I'm following along and all of a sudden Mr. Taylor is discussing some familiar subjects. Namely, Gordon Kaufman and his book "Theology for a Nuclear Age". Reading further, I find out that he took the same class that I had taken in 1994. Mr. Taylor doesn't say it but I assume his professor was also Dr. Jerome Soneson. I have to thank Dr. Jerome Soneson for making my four years of college worthwhile. He's an amazing professor. I learned a lot from him, how to read academic texts and how to think freely and creatively.

I had a similar experience as Mr. Taylor. In college I was also losing my faith not because of Drs. Soneson and Kaufman but because of fundamentalist/conservative theology and politics. Dr. Soneson and his course and also my introduction to the works of Jacques Ellul really saved me from agnosticism and atheism and started me on this long road of understanding Christian theology and symbolism.

I remember Dr. Soneson during one class period reading a section of H. Richard Neibuhr's "Faith in God and in the Gods" aloud and just being overcome with very poetic and powerful words and having to leave the room for a short time. He is a very passionate teacher and that one class made may time in college valuable and worthwhile.

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